BigHPC: A Management Framework for Consolidated Big Data and HPC

2020 – 2023
Research and development of Software-Defined Storage systems to improve performance isolation, QoS, and fairness in converged HPC and Big Data infrastructures.
Project reference: POCI-01-0247-FEDER-045924

PAStor: Programmable and Adaptable Storage for AI-oriented HPC Ecosystems

2020 – 2021
Research and development of a Software-Defined Storage data plane for improving I/O performance of AI-powered applications in HPC infrastructures.
Project reference: UTA-EXPL/CA/0075/2019

CENTRA: Efficient and Secure Data Management for HPC and Cloud Computing

2018 – Present
Research and development of Software-Defined Storage systems to improve the programmability and configurability of HPC and Cloud Computing infrastructures.
Project reference:

IBM Research Haifa — Joint Study Agreement

2018 – 2019
Research and development of a programmable and modular stackable file system framework for implementing secure content-aware storage functionalities over hardware-assisted trusted execution environments.

SafeCloud Project

2016 – 2017
Design, development, and evaluation of a privacy-preserving framework for NoSQL databases. Integration with a SQL query engine in order to provide secure computation over real-time SQL-based applications.
Project reference: H2020-DS-2014-1/653884